Sex and Pakistan

Welcome to the moderate world of Musharraf. Indeed in the last few years Pakistan have progressed a lot towards the “Moderate Pakistan” vision of our great Leader General Musharraf.

When I came to USA 5 years ago, Musharraf just started implementing his vision of “Moderate Pakistan”. Well with in 8 years of his rule results are overwhelming in his favor.Pakistan has achieved the distinction of being the best country in the world with the highest percentage of searches for keyword “Sex” as compared to total searches. You can see this achievement first hand by clicking on the link below (we are so far ahead, that is virtually no competition).

But unfortunately I don’t consider this as a total success, because despite the full efforts of the Government, Pakistan unfortunately still comes up 3rd for search percentage of keyword “Islam”
After seeing the results achieved in his vision, I can truly proclaim that Musharraf must have had the same or even more fruitful results in other  sectors of his governance.He can add my vote to Pervez Elahi vote of “Electing Musharraf President in uniform as many times as he wantsPS: May be i am overreacting to this trend, but shouldn’t “Moderate Pakistan” means less obsession of our young men and women with sex as there is no real shortage of it any more in Pakistan.



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6 responses to “Sex and Pakistan

  1. wecite

    Your argument against Gen Musharraf’s strive for ‘Enlightened Moderation’ is completely baseless. By no means does his so called ‘vision’ center around more sleeveless or tube-tops on the streets of Pakistan as you seem to think. Moderation in terms of religion and state affairs is where it is suppose to start. Are you suggesting that before Musharraf uttered the two words ‘Enlightened Moderation’, the average Pakistani man woman did not know what the word ‘sex’ meant? Sorry to say but the Pakistani man has been a sex starved and frustrated man for quite some time now. He has been staring at his sisters and mothers for quite many years now and just because he has easier access to information via the web than ever before, does not mean the president’s two words are to be blamed for it.

  2. anonymous

    concept of enlighteneed moderation is nothing but a notion developed by musharaf and allies to strengthen the division of nation into two groups, moderates/fundamatelists, rich/poor, and whatever is happening in this country is now is the direct reaction of this division.

    Musharraf was cable of doing alot but he did not do anything except doing his favorable things.

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