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Boycott Pakistan Elections

I  believe that boycott was, is and will be the best option for the elections.

Every body these days are saying we should accept “zamini haqaiq” about Pakistan and live with in what is given to us.

I say it is time that we stop doing that. We have to realize that we are standing at the critical juncture in the history of Pakistan. For how long we are going to accept being treated like slaves by Foreign Powers, Militar Dictators and our Political Leaders.

We have to tell all and sundry that we will no longer accept unlawfullness in our land. It is not them but the people of pakistan who will direct the course of Pakistan and what better way to declare it than to boycott the elections which would have been a big slap in the face of the Conspirators rather than facilitating their Plans. We should stop the politics of compromise and start doing the politics of Pakistan.

Now I believe the elections are going to be rigged. Nawaz Sharif is proclaiming it is a referendum for the honorable Chief Justice against the Military Dictator. But if Nawaz Sharif does not win more than 50 seats in the elections does it means that the people of Pakistan have voted against the Chief Justice?. Boycotting the election would have told the establishment that we dont believe that you will conduct a free & fair elections. I believe the judges were removed not because they were going to give decision against Musharraf but they were going to stop the rigging in the elections by supervising a free & fair elections. How will Nawaz Sharif or Benazir Bhutto go back to the same people they asked to vote and ask them again to start a movement once the results are not as favourable as they hoped for?

Here is my Prediction and you can take it to the Bank. After the elections are thoroughly rigged, we will inshallah see a 3rd Charter of Demands put forward by our favourite couple Mr Nawaz Sharif and Mrs Benazir Bhutto

Least but not the last most of our Political Parties are based on dictatorships starting from Muslim League to Peoples Party. Its either them or their brothers or their sons or their husbands or their wives you get the point so how can they promote true democracy in a country when even in their own party none exists. Which political party wants free judiciary, free media. Name me one party taking part in the current elections which has shown in its previous tenure that they want free Media and Judiciary? And not to forget how can they abandon their warm seats in National Assembly and the status quo that comes with it. So being part of the same school of thought and not wanting free media and judiciary how can they truly support the cause. Last time it was different they saw it as an opportunity to make Musharraf unstable which they accomplished with the help of Lawyers Moment. Now they can see the Mirage of “Iqtedaar” at the end of the tunnel. Free media and Judiciary is not suitable for both Peoples Party and Muslim League. My friend Fraz is right Boycott for them was never an option.

Among all the Political Leaders, I was most disappointed by what Nawaz Sharif did. He should have been clear from the start i.e will he take part in the election or not. The moment he landed in Pakistan, the first words that came out of his mouth were BOYCOTT and then later on changed his stance. He has hurt the cause of Boycott more than any body in the opposition. He has its own reasons for taking part in the elections and maybe they are right. But if that was the case then he should have been clear about his stance from the beginning.

In the end its up to you to decide which is the best way to go? Boycott or Elections
My vote: Boycott



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Javed Hashmi Letter Against Pakistan Army

the famous Javed Hasmi Letter against the Pakistan Army for which he was sent to jail.

 Just gives you an idea how our military rules pakistan 😦 Even a single hint of inquiry against the army generals(or the hawai generals as termed by ali ahmed kurd) can result in you spending time in jail

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Military Inc. — Ayesha Siddiqa

I am uploading Military Inc.– Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, a book by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, as a public service to the people of Pakistan. I dont intend to earn any commercial gains from it. It is right of every person to find out about the real intentions of our beloved army.

Dr. Ayesha will appreciate more and more people having easy access to her publication. Though it is your moral responsibility to buy this book as soon as you can to support her cause.

You can download the pdf version of this book by clicking on the following link.

Military Inc.

 You can buy this book from amazon. The link is given below

Buy Military Inc.


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Sex and Pakistan

Welcome to the moderate world of Musharraf. Indeed in the last few years Pakistan have progressed a lot towards the “Moderate Pakistan” vision of our great Leader General Musharraf.

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Articles on Benazir Musharraf Deal

One of the best article on  Benazir Bhutto and Musharraf Deal, Courtesy of Atta ul Haq Qasmi and Jang

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Benazir Musharraf Deal and Our Responsibility

Mubarik Ho Pakistan kai Basion Mubarik Ho

Once more our leaders have established that it is not up to us to determine the fate of Pakistan as we despite being progressing at a so called record pace in the past 8 years, still haven’t accumulated enough wisdom to make a solid decision when in comes to electing our ruler.

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